League of Legends event promo site. My contribution as illustrator of the story.

Ksenia dmitrieva homepagepublished
Ksenia dmitrieva rewardpagepublished
Ksenia dmitrieva promotionspagepublished
Ksenia dmitrieva communitypagepublished
Ksenia dmitrieva processwip
Some missed in process details.
Ksenia dmitrieva ornament
Decorative detailes. Some of them never be finished.
Ksenia dmitrieva pplz
Close-up for the second illustrative panel.
Ksenia dmitrieva topoptions
WIP of the top illustration
Ksenia dmitrieva wiptop
And close-up
Ksenia dmitrieva secondwip
My attempt to add some personality to Poros.
Ksenia dmitrieva sheme
WIP for the 3th draw
Ksenia dmitrieva cosplayparty05
I used method from greyscale to colors on this project.
Ksenia dmitrieva cosplay
Ksenia dmitrieva cosplaypartymaket05
Ksenia dmitrieva ln
My helpers - palettes and Lazy Nezumi.

My contribution in the event site design for Riot Games.
I illustrated the story and made some decorative elements + cloth for the site's body.

Credits to the team:
Art Direction - Marco Wendigo
Assistant Art Direction - Vitor Ishimura (https://www.behance.net/vtishimura)
Project manager - Rafael Sales
Website artworks artist - Flavio Hoffe
Poros illustrations - http://www.ludium.com.br/
Brazil Riot games (http://br.leagueoflegends.com/) team:
Special thanks to Dhiego Lucio (https://www.facebook.com/dhiegolucio) for active participation and support!
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