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Vitrum Flash promo game

Vector illustrations. Backgrounds and 3 characters for promotional game for Vitrum.
User can chose from 3 characters to play this quest game. Have 3 levels with a few tasks to solve. Time is counting.
You can see characters animation here -
Animation made in classical method using only Adobe Flash (not a tween animation).
3 similar poses girls made for finish stage of game.

Ksenia dmitrieva blond beauty vitrum vitamins by pinkacat


Ksenia dmitrieva red beauty vitrum vitamins by pinkacat


Ksenia dmitrieva brunette beauty vitrum vitamin by pinkacat


Ksenia dmitrieva fon game hall by pinkacat
Ksenia dmitrieva fon game by pinkacat
Ksenia dmitrieva for game 1 by pinkacat
Ksenia dmitrieva cap

For starting screen of game. No photo reference.